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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. more human remains were found as investigators continue their dig. we will have a life report on the victims. and remembering whitney houston. the special tribute being planned that grammies. and catholics are earned to fight president obama's plans for free contraceptives.
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pleat bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. >> we begin with a new clue as search teams discover more human remains. they were looking for bones near a well. a small town east overstockten after bones were found yesterday. a live look at the operation. here you can see crews at it again. authorities were guided to this location by information from contradicted killer wesley shermantine. ktvu's ken pritchett has been that search location all day and joins us now with the very latest. ken? >> reporter: we are a mile away from the search location. we can zoom in and show you where it is taking place. underneath that tree. that is where they are digging.
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we have close up video of the search effort. more bones have been found today and a woman's ring. >> reporter: a traffic cone blocks the road that leads to the search sight. one camera was allowed in. you can see the dig site. a 30-foot deep hole and where investigators were shifting through the dirt. >> so far we have found several bones today, different sizes. >> reporter: investigators believe remains of twenty victims could be found here and at two other dig sites linked to wesley shermantine and another man. he provided a map to several
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locations. >> a woman's shoe. a sandal. there is a pair of looks like small women's shoes. tennis shoes. clearly from a person. it is a horrible scene. the remains of cyndi vanderheiden have been identified. a woman's ring found today may help close another cold case. >> we believe the jewelry will help us, i believe, there may be initials. >> reporter: it remains unclear how many victims may be found here. >> we encourage people to call if they think they are missing love ones. >> reporter: the search has a long way to go. several days at least. they will search late into tonight, they are trying to beat the rain. and they are three additional wells on this property that may
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be searched as well. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities say wesley shermantine killed several people between 1984 and 1999. they were arrested in 1999. wesley shermantine was sentenced to death. intron 4 a court ruled his confession was coerced and was on patrol in 2010. he committed suicide. thursday and friday of last week, searchers found two sets of human remains, believed to be victims of that pair. yesterday more remains were found. there has been speculation the searches for human remains may be linked to a missing 9- year-old girl. she was kidnapped and wesley shermantine claimed his friend
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was the man who abducted her. she says despite the speculation she believes her daughter is still alive. a man was shot in the shoulder while deputies say he tried to grab a fire arm from one of their deputies. he was arrested this afternoon about a half mile away from the shooting scene. he tried to take the fire arm from one of their deputies. deputies say the man fled after the shooting and in the process backed his car into a patrol car. it turns out the man who was shot had felony arrest warrants as well. protests in greece turned violent today. officers in riot gear tried to control the chaos.
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65 people were injured. police used tear gas on protesters. inside lawmakers approved the budget cuts. it includes deep spending cuts and a plan to cut the mineman wage. if the measure failed it would have sent greece into total chaos and the country would have been bankrupted. investors will be watching greece as markets open. for weeks the u.s. stock market has been effected over fears in europe. analysts predict a volittle week on wall street -- volatile week on wall street. rick santorum brushed off his loss yesterday saying he is now one of the top contenders in the race for the nomination. >> we think this is a two person race night now and we
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are focused on making sure folks know we have the best chance of beating president obama. >> rick santorum implied the survey was rigged to favor mitt romney. ron paul says she the only candidate appealing to young people. he says they are leaving out a huge voting base. he said he is the only one who is a true alternative to president obama. mitt romney and newt gingrich were naught on the campaign trail today. the white house contraception controversy continues to autrage lawmakers. >> the fact the whizzes this -- the white house -- you can't miss it. right there in the first amendment to the constitution. >> the president announced organizations can opt out of
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the new rule. that requires employers to provide free contraceptive coverage to employees but other dos not believe it was enough and said the senate will attempt oo overturn the rule. and the catholic search is allots saying it isn't enough -- church is also saying it isn't enough. the death of whitney houston. we have live at the los angeles county coroner's office with the latest on the investigation into her death. >> reporter: we just heard from the coroner's office saying the cause of whitney houston's death right now will be deferred as they reach out to family members. right now there are a lot of questions remaining surrounding her death. her body was found in the bath tub of her hotel room yesterday
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afternoon and they say there is no evidence of foul play. >> reporter: she is being remembered as one of the greatest voices of our time. [ singing ] >> reporter: but music world is mourning the loss of whitney houston. >> there will never be another voice like that. >> it hurts. it hurts. she was like a sister. >> reporter: the family released a statement saying this is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her. her body guard found her dead saturday. hours before she was to attend a pre-grammy bash. >> was there any indication that there might be drugs or alcohol involved? >> we are not going to comment on that. didn't appear there was foul play. >> reporter: pictures from
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thursday show whitney houston leaving a nightclub. her struggle with drug and marriage to bobby brown. brown heard the news while on stage in mississippi. she was planning a come back. she has a role in the movie sparkle but her career and life were cut short. >> reporter: the results from tests will be returned in up to 8 weeks. reporting from los angeles, back to you. >> whitney houston last appeared on the stage thursday night with kelly price. [ singing ]
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>> whitney houston and price did a due teat the cheers of the crowd. those that attended said she appeared intoxicated but price said she didn't notice anything unusual. she said she seemed happy. also want to show you video of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina being taking to the hospital this morning. she was staying that same hotel where her mother was found dead. she was treated for anxiety and released. people have been expressing their thoughts on our facebook page about one of one of's passing. he -- about whitney houston's passing. he said, she died way too young. rest in peace. she said i was crushed to hear
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whitney houston passed away. may god rest her soul. share your comments by going to the ktvu channel 2 news facebook page. time to talk about our weather. a cool and cloudy day. will it rain? we have a look at your forecast. >> i have been tracking activity. as you can see behind me, the trend that will continue with more showers developing across the bay area. this is not a major deal but a significant change. more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. not all of this is reaching the ground but we have reports of drizzle in oakland. as you can see here, the darker shades of green correspond to rain. moving in to west marin and sonoma county, oakland reporting drizzle. that is what is showing up now. rain around point reyes. around the bridges, in the form
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of sprinkles or spotty drizzle out there. not only the rain, brut the wind will be a factor. winds gusting to 18 miles per hour. here we go with the forecast headlines for tonight. showers developing across the bay area. not a big deal but still that cystment will be moving in from the north and tomorrow a chance of a shower. sun-cloud mix. lows, meiny in the 30s, most -- mainly in the 30s. the coolest locations upper 30s. santa rosa 40 degrees. satellite and radar, the rain showers moving in to northern california. you can plan on more rain, downpours developing. shows up nicely here. coming up, i will highlight the shower chances for tomorrow and let you know how much snow.
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san francisco's muni's line is shut down today because of a project. crews are installing a new tract switch. it is scheduled till 40:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. there is a bus shuttle in place. a partial closure of the bay bridge could effect plans for the weekend. crews are scheduled to shut down the upper deck heading into san francisco, it will start friday at 8:00 p.m. and last through tuesday, feb21. -- february 21. there will be extra fairy service to help people get into the city. the hand made memorial to a disease on display here in san francisco. new changes to the covent ruception mandidate are addressed at mass.
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why the fight is not just about free birth control. what governor jerry brown is proposing that has animal lovers very upset.
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a tree came down on to their driveway this morning. it brought down power lines but pg&e crews restored power. a broken sewer line may have been responsibility for the ground shifting. the largest display at the aids memorial quilt is underway in san francisco. the return of the quilt was treated as something of a home coming. >> reporter: the quilt project started here in san francisco to remember those who died from aids. you can see this section here. each panel is 3 by 6 feet.
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that is the size of a grave. if you see the scope of this, you get a sense of how devastating it was to lose this many people to this disease. >> reporter: as each section of the aids quilt was exposed they read the names of those who fell to the disease. he read dozens of names and worked on one himself. >> i work on it and it was about george. he was obsessed with things looking good and steve's was about science. >> reporter: hiv positive himself, it is a reminder of the people the disease claimed. >> i lost most of my friends.
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few friends that are left. >> reporter: around the room, 300 names were unfolded section by section. >> this is the largest display since 1995. it is a block from where the quilt started 25 years ago. it is a home coming. >> reporter: those living with hiv and aids, say it is a call to action. >> they need more education out there. people to understand that because -- that doesn't mean there are drugs to stop the disease. >> reporter: organizers are pushing for prevention in the white -- in the u.s. and third world countries. christien kafton, ktvu channel
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2 news. we are learning more about the man shot by police last week. authorities say he pinned an officer between his car and a police vehicle wednesday. investigators say he had cocaine in his possession before he was shot. he was taken to the hospital. a man who went missing last month has been found dead. search teams found the body yesterday afternoon. it was found on an e. bankment -- embankment. they have been looking for him over the past two weeks. an autopsy is now scheduled for tomorrow. the police department is mourning the loss of their only police dog. king joined the department in 2010. he was successful in tracting
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and locating a alzheimer's patient and he caught a suspect who was hiding from officers. the handler took him to the vet and the doctors said he was suffering from an untreatable illness. the obama administration, patty lee says why the changes aren't enough. >> reporter: they dressed the changes in the obama administration requirement. >> the catholic community and other faiths in the united states -- >> reporter: on fridays president obama nounced they would -- announced they would not have to cover birth control but insurance companies would. the change does not go far
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enough. it says many are self insure so the makes little differences and it misses the point. >> didn't hit the main issue. >> reporter: the administration must go back to defining church run schools and hospitals as religious institutions. just because they serve non- catholics doesn't mean they are not nonreligious. they said they are satisfied with the revised rules. parishioners tell us because the rules are changing they needed time to look at this letter and understand its implications. >> stood our ground and little victories. >> reporter: they are hoping they can come together on this issue. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama will present his 2013 budget proposal to congress tomorrow. one that is likely to spark
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debate. among it is the buffet rule for americans making more than a million dollars to pay 30% in taxes. and a new $61 billion tax over 10 years on big banks to recover bail out costs. it is supposed to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. republicans will present their own plan next month. democrats wrapped up their convention today in san diego. governor jerry brown addressed the party along with kamala harris and they heard from nancy pelosi. one of the main topics was the governor's proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy. that plan was supported by many democrats today. protesters gathered outside to voice their opposition to
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the national defense authorize action authorization act. they claim the act is a abuse of power that violates civil liberties. officials are appointing people to a board who have no interest in protecting the animals. they say they appointed two members to the board who are in favor of reducing overpopulated herds by slaughtering them. they deny the charges saying they are resorting to scare tactics. they have a horse adoption program and found homes for 225,000 wild horses. pet lovers are calling on lawmakers to block a proposal to cut reimbursements to animal shelters. it requires workers to hold
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animals for six days instead of threes. itologist has the state reimbursing shelters for food, vet care and kitty litter. many groups are circulating petitions to block the budget cut. crews are working off italty's coast, what they were doing today near the crews ship -- cruise ship. what the arab league is calling on and the saleable dropped last year despite heavy rains. what scientists say is impacting ocean waters.
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a lucky lotto player has a ticket worth millions. someone who played the powerball in rhode island matched all six numbers. that is the third largest jackpot for the game. the big winner hasn't yet stepped forward. cruise began pumping fuel from the italian cruise ship. they are trying to remove 500,000-tons of fuel. it was delayed two weeks because of rough seas and bad
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weather. it left 17 people dead, 15 are still missing. to the latest in syria. arab league is calling to bring relief to the country. members met today and asked for a cease fire. they say they can no longer stand by when watch the crack down on decent that took the lives of 5,000 people. they quickly rejected the idea. the u.n. plans to discuss the crisis tomorrow. in it other news, libya's government says one of the surviving sons of moammar gadhafi is now under house arrest. he was granted asylum since september. leaders demanded his extradition. a 5-year-old girl is recovering tonight after being rescued from a avalanche. 30 feet of snow came down on 7
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homes in a small village and there are pictures of rescuers pulling the girl to safety. 9 people were killed including the girl's parents. a ringing cell phone led rescuers to the girl. she is expected to survive. and in chile, crews are cleaning up after a huge mess after this massive tomato fight. farmers supplied 30-tons of tomatoes. it is meant to raise the crop's national profile. a slow rise in sea level due to melting ice caps and a drop in sea level last year. the study found that glackiers lost 150 billion-tons of ice and the ocean gained each year
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over each year but last year it dropped. the overall picture is one of a rise in sea level. >> what this paints is sea level rise that looks like a hockey stick. it is stable for several thousand years and then it goes up. >> scientists are estimating in some places the ocean could rise 2 feet in 50 years. the national park service plans to make a range to the martin luther king memorial. it includes a quote from martin luther king that some people said it didn't reflect his meaning. they will now replace the current quote with the full quote and that sparked criticism who says it won't
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match the original. the fbi may be looking for you. the type of new program they are looking to launch and what it has to do with social media. smokers take on the city counsel. where leadser are hoping to stop -- leaders are hoping to stop people from lighting up and why having dessert for directfast might help you keep the -- breakfast might help you keep the pounds off.
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ring with initials inscribed on it and a pair of shoes. remains of 20 victims could be found here and at two other dig sites linked to wesley shermantine. riots in greece today. officers clashed with protesters on the streets. 65 people were injured. 10 buildings set on fire and stored luted. inside lawmakers approved the highly unpopular plan to cut spending and cut the minimum wage. if the weathers failed it would have septgreece into total chaos and the company would have been bankrupted. the beth yesterday of whitney houston. they performed an autopsy but
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an official cause of death is expected to take weeks. whitney houston was found dead in her room at the hotel yesterday. she was found lifeless in the bath tube. pictures from thursday night show her leaving a nightclub and today whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina was taken to the hospital to be treated for anxiety. for more details on the weather of whitney houston, including a -- death of whitney houston including a slide show, head to gas prices are on the rise. an increase in the price of oil drove gas prices up about 12 cents to $3.51 a gallon. in the bay area, san francisco, $3.87. oakland, $3.82. san jose $32.81. the fbi is soliciting
5:37 pm
contractors to create a internet monitoring system. the fbi says it would not focus on specific individuals or groups but the proposals are raising privacy concerns. change in the demgraphics in west oakland resulted in a drop of school age children. over the last decade the number dropped by 31%. that drop is translated into a 60% plus drop in enrollment. part of the shift can be attributed to families aging in place and a lot of families are leaving the city. smoking advocates plan to face- off with officials tuesday.
5:38 pm
they gave approval for a ban that includes outdoor patios. they plan to present a petition with a 1,000 signatures. twenty people will be there speaking out against the ban. americans are expected to spoil their sweethearts on valentine's day. according to a survey, americans are expected to spend $126 to celebrate the holiday. that is the highest in 10 years. we asked some residents what they were planning to spend this year. >> how much would be the max? >> you know, i think probably i would -- $100. >> $100 to $250. >> couple hundred each. >> according to the survey, they are expected to spend 8.5%
5:39 pm
more this year compared to last year. eating cake before breakfast could help you keep the weight off. that's right. eating something sweet for breakfast reduces hunger cravings throughout the day. it included two groups. the group had a big breakfast with protein and deserts. when we return, the music's biggest night is underway. and showers and wind on the way. ktvu's mark joins us next.
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officials are expected to sign off tomorrow on a new coastal plan. it is the product of three years of meeting to update policies. it includes rules for future development near the coast to make sure the public still have access. once they sign off it will move to the board of supervisors before going to the state coastal commission for approval. i get the feeling it is probably raining right now in marin county. >> you are smart. we are looking over our shoulder. >> he was taking a speak peak right now. greens not all reaching the ground yet. yellows around marin county. there is the sweep. as we come in tighter here, and
5:43 pm
this is not a major system but rainfall rates continue to pick up. yellows indicates light to moderate cells, novato, south of point reyes, sincen beach, off shore as well, more development. rainfall expectations will be on the order of a few hundredths of an inch. rainfall one factor and the winds as well. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. in downtown san francisco, lower 50s. already reporting a few drops as well. nothing too major but i am expecting an increase in the rain over the next few hours. beautiful view. current numbers, it is chilly out there. in the 50s for santa rosa.
5:44 pm
livermore 52 degrees. here is the deal for tonight. the approach of the frontal system, showers into develop. winds on the increase as well. this is the main event between now and midnight. into monday, the system moves out but there is enough moisture, we will hold on to the chance of a few scattered showers, especially for monday morning and then the winds continue to be a factor, especially coast side. winds around 20-30 miles an hour and around the bay itself. more showers tonight. winds stick around for monday. this will be a snow producer in the sierra. winter weather advisory lasting till 4:00 p.m. monday afternoon. snow fall, 5-10 inches. forecast modern for tonight. increase in the coverage. tomorrow morning, scattered showers out there. not everybody picking up the
5:45 pm
showers, off and on showers into monday afternoon. 12:00 and 3:00. one of those deals, partly cloudy skies. sunny breaks and scattered showers. you can't count on cooler temperatures. san jose 57. half moon bay, 55. seven-day forecast, partly cloudy skies for tuesday on valentine's day. slight chance of a shower on wednesday. quiet later in the week. we can be tracking more rain clouds for saturday but these are weak storms out there. nothing major showing up. >> lot of catching up to do. maybe later towards the end of the month but it will be a tough order. >> thank you. music's big night got underway, as you might expect with a somber tone. artists arrived for the grammy awards. adele has won three awards so
5:46 pm
far. she is nominated for six. kanye west and bruno mars has several nominations. ll cool j acknowledged the passing of whitney houston saying we had a death in the family. jennifer hudson is among the singers to pay tribute tonight to whitney houston. coming up a wild final round at pebble beach as tiger woods faces off with phil mickelson and we will hear from tiger woods and phil mickelson coming up next. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell
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good evening.
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and welcome to sports wrap. big names chasing him today trying to close out his first pga tour win. phil mickelson was one of them that at&t pebble beach national pro-am. he won the amateur in 1990. his round couldn't have started worse. par put won't go. then the bogy put. three stroke lead shrunk to one. phil mickelson and tiger woods playing for the 10th time. phil mickelson was in a zone from the beginning. eagle putt. he gone from 6 down to two in front. tiger woods made birdie at 6. a big hit, missed a par, at 7 and 8 and bogeyed number 9. looked like he might make a move. tiger holds out for birdie. phil mickelson had it going
5:50 pm
today. 35 down hiller to save par. get it close. phil mickelson puts it in. then at 13, phil mickelson continues to take the drama out of who would finish first. watch. phil mickelson taps in here for a birdie and a three stroke lead. >> this is nice. watch it. watch it. >> the only battle was now for second place. rickey barnes at 14. tough par 5 with a shot that sets him up for birdie. he shot a 67. he ended up in third place. after his terrible start, he rided the shift coming in. birdies 16 and 17 and 18. we finish with even par 72, left him in second. two strokes back. it was a victly lap for phil mickelson coming in. -- victory lap for phil
5:51 pm
mickelson coming in. it sets himself up for his fourth win in the tournament. and, of course, the birdie putt as phil mickelson wraps up round of 64, he does so at the age of 41. he plays his best when he is paired with tiger. outscoring in 6-10. >> i don't believe anybody b.ed more than myself. i feel very inspired when i play with him. i love playing with him. he brings out my best golf. got off to a quick start. it wasn't just me and tiger. charlie was leading by six shots. to put it together, especially the final round feels terrific. it is -- gives me a lot of confidence and inspires me. i believe now that what i am
5:52 pm
doing is correct and that i am able to play my best golf. >> a look at the final boards. phil mickelson by two strokes. barnes by two. tiger woods final round, left him 9 strokes back, tied for 15 15th. >> i could not get comfortable where we could see my lines. couldn't get the putter to swing. could not get comfortable and missed a ton of short punts today. i missed everything. >> the sharks playing a stretch of their season. first of 9 straight games. they are in st. louis. this is not a formula for success. five on three. blues take advantage when he tees off. the blues got a goal in the second on a five on three.
5:53 pm
2-0 st. louis right now. the stanford women's basketball team. hosting ucla with a long running streak in place. you know you have to deal with the sisters. she take as pass for this hoop in the first half. stanford led by five that break. second half, the assist. she went for 25 points and 8 rebounds. if defense pays too much attention to her, she can put it in the hoop as well. bruins coach has no answer. another hoop, ended up with 19. stanford wins. 22-1 overall. 13-0 in the pac 12. they won 76 straight at home and 70 in a row against conference opponents. men playing right now, they lead by two.
5:54 pm
first place in the conference, not good. that is what he does to the huskies. washington began the bay a half game behind cal. the huskies had enough down the stretch. ross led washington with 21 as the huskies win 75-72 and at 10- 3 in conference, pull even with cal at the top. still to come on sports wrap, a couple of good ones in the nba, kobe being kobe. we will be right back. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. a chance for the warriors to make their record look better. at home tonight against the rockets. and the bulls' derek rose missed with a sore back. rondo had a game for the celtics. to will cox for the jam.
5:57 pm
he had 15 assists and 10 rebounds. and there is another assist on the lob to johnson. rondo also had 32 points. that would be your triple- double. sell ticks win 95-91. lakers in toronto. to the end, inside a minute. kobe feeds ron artest. los angeles up one. toronto has an answer. called ron with a jumper. the raptors in front by one with 16 seconds left to play. and that is plenty of time for kobe to win it. defense is good. baseline shot. all net with 4 seconds left. one free-throw makes it 94-92 win for the lakers. that will do it for sports. see you tonight at 10:00. >> thank you. tonight at 10:00, we are
5:58 pm
monitoring the search as crews unearth women's shoes, jewelry and more human remains. ktvu's ken pritchett learned the digging is expected to go till 10:30 p.m. tonight and we will have the latest at 10:00. thank you for trusting ktvu. our coverage continues on and ktvu. see you at 10:00. q
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